When I lived in New York, Rachel Comey was coming up. She was getting really popular, but I think she was still pretty small and indie back then. But these days, she's huge. I see her name everywhere. I don't know if I've ever been a Rachel Comey girl...but I have loved some of the pieces from past collections. I did like this new Resort 2014 collection and lookbook featuring one very pretty girl and one very pretty transgender (methinks? I can't remember his name...but I know he does a LOT of modeling) boy/girl... I also love the eye makeup on the girl. That's the eye I've been working, even during the summer. Even with blonde hair.... :) 

I think the collection and the models really reflect that downtown New York girl. Or maybe now it's that Brooklyn girl. I can see these girls as being truly authentic. I think Rachel Comey knows these girls through and through.

so so pretty. the girl on the right.

great face. i love that eye makeup. that full, swiss chocolate shadow.

more more ♥ fall 2012 marc jacobs campaign

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