I have meant to do a little post on some of the iconic shops of the 90's and 2000's in New York that have recently closed down (over the past year or so...). Boutiques like TG-170, which moved and then closed after they just couldn't make it in their new location. Another shop that I frequented in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was Marmalade Vintage. Hannah Kurland, the owner and a friend, opened that shop when the LES was still crazy scary and full of hoods. She took that boutique over from Aaron Rose (when he had it as the famous Alleged Gallery). It used to be on Ludlow...about a hop away from Max Fish (a sort of very scene bar where we always know we can find our old school friends)...which I'm scared to say might also soon be gone if it's not already. Marmalade always had the best vintage selection. I have some of my favorite pieces from there. Before I moved to New York City, I always stopped in. And after I lived there, I went in almost every day and befriended Hannah and her staff. I own a couple of vintage Lanvin pieces from there...a full-length dress and a giant bib necklace. And I love them. You can always find something good there. She (Hannah) really was a pioneer and really was one of the first over there in Downtown New York to rule that vintage look. 

After she moved to Mott Street as a pop-up shop, it seemed like it was doing well. But looks like she's going cyber...I wish her nothing but success. I have so many fond memories of that shop. I'm so glad I own some key items from there. If you're planning on going to New York or you live in New York, please go by...they're having a closing out sale. Tell Hannah Mandana sent you. 

the window at mott street

a story i did on hannah's own label that she carried at the shop...for anthem magazine.


more saturday shows ♥ geisha fashion shoot

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