Marco Zanini is another one of those designers like Giles Deacon who has won my heart over and over again every season. I am a devotee of Rochas, for which he breathed life into, and I can't wait to see what else he'll do in the future. He just knows clothes and tailoring and he's so original. There's always this something I can't put my finger on that he sews into every piece. I love it. Even it's just an editorial piece. There's a sweater in this Resort 2014 collection (and those amazing clogs) and I will be treating myself to if I land (or WHEN I land) this new gig I'm waiting to hear about.

okay...you def can't be short and curvy to wear this. but it's good. esp if you're tall and thin.

gorgeous. and there's that sweatr/jumper i want so badly. and look at the clogs!

totally editorial. but amazing take on high fashion meets sportswear.

another mix of high fashion and sportswear. i'm so fancy that even when i dress down, i look high town. there's the sweater again. i love that polo, too.

another amazing outfit...if you're tall or have long legs.

i love love that sweater and those clogs!!!!!!

so chic...that's the italian from zanini that's showing in this look. look at those clogs in that color!

gorgeous editorial...the mix again.


chic again. and so good for work.

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