I just absolutely love love Markus Lupfer and especially the new Resort 2013 collection. I could easily survive with only Lupfer, Giles, Rochas and Peter Jensen. :) This is so me...there's enough fun, elegance and cheekiness there to fill a few closets. And they also make clothes that are wearable. At least for people like me. I can't really get into the new Alexander Wang vibe of everything. All the brands are sort of copying that aesthetic...but I'm petite, small and curvy. I don't want to wear cardboard cut-out clothes made for tall string beans. I'll take Markus before all that anyway.

that dress is so cute and versatile! work play party!

i love a good jumpsuit esp if it looks like some rad dickies.

i love this...even though it looks like a marc jacobs set. it's still awesome.

this is how i pretty much dress when i'm not girly. minus those shoes. i'd wear regular pumps (in the states that means with heels)...and there's an M on that top...my intial!

that top reminds me of the stuff ESPIRIT used to make when i was a kid. i was obsessed with ESPIRIT back then. and i love this sweatshirt equally as much.

this is such a great example of how i do my own tomboy look. and i love that top...pretty vacant is hilarious.

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