I found this video by accident looking up all I could about the band Painted Palms (which I'll do a post on very soon as they just released a new EP that I am loving so much right now....awesome band)...upon researching, I ended up on this cool YouTube playlist that had this song by The Electric Circus from 1981 called "Direct Lines". This YouTuber mashed the song up with scenes from a gorgeous old film (that I also had never heard of...but wow...now I want to see it!) called Summer With Monika...just look at how gorgeous it is! Just truly gorgeous. 

Hope you are having a great Sunday. I have a lot of housekeeping and author interviews and book stuff to do...but I have lots of beauty and makeup to review this week, plus I'll also be doing more variety on here...I can't only cover fashion. I have so many creative and creatively-successful friends that I want to showcase what they're working on. Some of it has to do with fashion and some of it just has to do with style. 

Happy watching! Oh and PS the song above is good, too! xx

more sunday matinee ♥ flashback alternatives (cuz we have some old tunage going on today)

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