I don't know what to else to say about these except that I am cuckoo for them and hope to own a couple of them soon (or I'd even take a faux version that looks like the real-deal) because they are just amazing amazing pieces. Stefano Pilato fashioned the pendants, pins and belt charms (which are around $1400) from bits he cut out of 70s magazines of Yves Saint Laurent fashion shoots. Can you imagine that day? That week? Working on that project? Having Stefano walk in with a stack of French vintage magazines, throwing them on the table and asking everyone to start clipping out all the good YSL looks? This is the level of creation I aspire to rise to. Sigh. ♡

cropped images from style.com


walt cessna said...

I want all of them! and yes this is the level of creative inspiration i aspire to on a daily basis- silhouetting your favorite fashion pages? I'm digging up my collection of vintage Mugler & Montana ads now...talk about correct proportions silhouetted to perfection.

Mandana said...

ME, TOO! I'd even settle for some good knockoffs!