AMAZING NEWS! The much loved and long-adored Terry de Havilland is about to release a new ready-to-wear collection! Prices will range from £150 to £280. I cannot wait to see how all the other fashion shoe lines change with the imminent success of this new venture. Who is Terry de Havilland? And why don't you know about him the way you would a Manolo or a Louboutin? Well, you should...

Suzi platform wedge retailing for £488...
how much more Glam Rock can you get than these winged ladies?

Terry de Havilland was THE premiere cobbler (his shop on Kings Road was actually called "Cobblers") for the most iconic of the Glam Rock era. Have you heard of Bowie? Elton John?  De Havilland designed most of the shoes for these rockers, especially their outrageous cartoon-esque show shoes. Some other glamour giants who donned his wares were  Pattie Boyd, Bianca Jagger and hotties like Rudolph Nureyev.  That's who Terry de Havilland is.

Vintage Geisha Platforms...amazing amazing amazing

The platform master did start up a couture-based shoe service last year. Prices to have him cobble up a pair for you? They start at £600. Not to bad for an original and a definite iconic piece.

Some of the new Terry de Havilland ready-to-wear collection!

One of the best things about the ready-to-wear line is that he is re-introducing, i.e. bringing back, some of his best sellers from back in the 70s! Someone pinch me! Now all that has to happen for my dream to come true is for everyone to start turning Glam Rock just because, even to go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and milk.

A few years ago, I was in a friend's awesome vintage boutique in San Francisco called Ver Unica. (They have some of the best pieces there in that shop! Stop by!) And a friend I was with held up the most amazing pair of platforms...black with silver reptile leather slivered here and there. She told me they didn't fit her BUT she might buy them just because they were Terry de Havilland. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and of course I tried them on. (There is a joke with my friends that every good vintage shoe fits me because I have smallish feet. I think I have average feet. But who knows.) THEY FIT! And as I as doing some consulting for barter with Ver Unica, I took them home with me. And here they are. I cannot even believe I own them. (I always wonder who these belonged to and what they were doing in them!) ♡

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images of black platforms my own


Searching for Style said...

God I am SO jealous you own a pair of Terry de Havilland...lucky you!

Mandana said...

YES. VERY lucky me. I can't believe I own a pair from when he was making them for Bowie! And that they are this black and silver crazy pair. They're more magnificent in person...and HIGH.

But you have quite a collection yourself, lady...you never know. You might stumble across a pair like I did.


walt cessna said...

Manolo who? These shoes are the real deal.

Mandana said...

True that.