I just love Giles Deacon. And he doesn't seem to disappoint. This Giles Fall Winter 2012/2013 collection was so genius...all the burnt pieces...that really I didn't notice at all when I first looked at them. I thought they were really gorgeous almost animal print-y. But then after my eyes re-focused, I loved them even more. He's amazing. He def knows how to make a girl look good in clothes. I'll have to read up on what the inspiration/theme was behind this collection because it was so well thought out...and well executed. I just think he's one of the new players and I hope I get to play with him one day.♡

so nice. look at the shape.
he even gave tati a figure!
really really gorgeous and really a trip that our eye sees it as pretty. but it really is. even if it's shredded and burnt up.

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i mean, look at this dress...it's a dream.

and this one. amazing. (ps codie young is one of my new fave models, btw.)

i love this shape and this dress so much. would be an amazing wedding dress.

i know a lot of people are going to hate this. but i love love love all dresses this shape...is this edwardian? methinks maybe. but i do love it. i tend to buy a lot of dresses from the 1960s that have a similar almost-babydoll shape. there's something very old world and very modern at the same time about it. dunno.
omg. i wish and pray someone would have the nerve to wear this to something like the oscars. it's amazing.

so oretty.

this is probably my favorite of all the burn dresses. and it's julia nobis, whom i think is turning into a super model by the minute.

more girl friday ♥ curly hair

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Hannah VB said...

The shape you're thinking of on the one dress is probably Georgian - early 19th C. up to around 1830-1840 - then it became Victorian right through 1901 - Edwardian through 1910. From history of costume classes, living in England and too many Jane Austen films, I feel strongly that this is the underlying shape :D. What's so awesome is that it is ABSOLUTELY also the case that it's very late-60s retro as well - the stiff fabric, high waist and the collar styling look so 60s - and I guess all of the high waist stuff originally comes from Empire post-revolutionary stuff, but this is so much more structured, just to me a lot more reminiscent of Georgian era dress.

Also totally agree that it would be amazing if someone had the guts to wear one of these burnouts - but HOLY HELL the model in that particular dress is fucking skeletal, I am the terrified. Look how much better every other model looks here. How not-terrifying.

montronix said...

hi lady!

what an awesome comment. thank you! i knew it was close.... :) ...i think you're totally right and yes...those sixties versions are amazing. totally coveted by moi.

you mean codie young? i think she's naturally that lanky and strange looking. it doesn't bother me terribly with her cuz i think she's just like that. plus, she looks like a character from the dark crystal or something. :)

but yeah...i hope someone amazingly boring decides to up and wear that burnnnnnn dress. these are the times i think i should be styling celebs in the lala.

thanks for reading....there will be a big post on amy and jon soon!