How lucky or smart or both is Theory for collaborating with genius boy Olivier Theyskens on a capsule collection for Spring 2011. It's clean, it looks like Olivier (the model even looks like him, sort of...maybe a sister...she also looks a lot like a very young Vanessa Paradis), it's full of amazingly good pieces you could wear for ev er. It's pretty hot and if my stomach was as board flat as the model's, I'd be wearing cropped tops and baggy trousers, too. But the shoes!!! I love these shoes...only a couple of styles...but I especially love the one below in all the colors. It's so chic and wearable in so many ways. It would be a great stylee run-around-town-errands shoe. I think of Theory as a brand that was bigger in the 90s when young girls were maturing in their fashion sense and were going up to another "level" from Urban Outfitters or something. But I think these days girls are way more sophisticated about fashion. They go straight to Chanel now. With this Theysken's collab, everyone is going to be looking at Theory again and again...and probably buying, too. ♡

i love this entire look.
rockstar done perfectly and effortlessly...it's very boy. which is why i like it.   (meaning i can see someone like rod stewart of mick jagger wearing something like this in the 70s)
love this look so very much!
this one, too...especially with the blue shoes
so cute and simple
cute cute pants and bag and shoes, too!

more shoe me thursday ♥ minna parikka

all images from style.com

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Searching for Style said...

Agree this looks awesome. Very effortless, my favourite word.